Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playing Catch Up... *sigh*

My life is kind of crazy...I have taken photos...just haven't put them up in the blog.

I was on a roll...hit with a sudden spurt of inspiration...I have several shots ready to go and a list of ideas for more. :D

Part of the wording on my husband's camera strap...


The bow on my daughter's new dress...


A mud puddle I saw while out walking with my daughter that had ice in it. Gets cold at night still.


Decoration on the lamp in our living room...


Ball-shaped part of my rocking chair...


And today's shot...although I actually took two photos today...I just haven't edited the first one yet.

I got the idea to place my daughter in our new rocking chair...it's rather large for a rocking chair, and she is still kinda small...to me anyway...so I decided to (hopefully) try to show the juxtaposition between them.


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